Go Buy Your Politically Correct, Popular-Culture Clothing Somewhere Else

Blacklisted Gear is a small business started by people just like you – people who believe in the original American dream. (You remember that, don’t you? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness … the freedom to live your conscience … to pursue an honest living … to be free from the tyranny of an over-reaching government.) We’re just trying to make a living, for crying out loud, without the nanny state micromanaging every aspect of our lives and business. And that’s why we started Blacklisted Gear.

The powers-that-be would like us all to sit down, shut up, and conform. If you, like us, don’t think that’s in your best interest, even the clothing you wear can protest this tyranny. (Disclaimer: If you’re just one of the sheep, click away now, quick, before you start taking the idea of freedom too seriously.)

Look, do you really want to pay to wear clothing that’s little more than an advertisement for giant corporations? The government is bought and paid for by huge, multi-national corporations who don’t really give a damn about your rights or your values. The government and the big multi-nationals only care about controlling your life so they can get more and more of your money. So why would you want to give them your hard-earned dollars?

Every product we offer is designed to send a message. Every T-shirt is a form of protest against Big Brother. Our products are a poke at the behemoth that our once-limited government has become. If you are looking for politically correct clothing, you won’t find it here. But if you’re looking for a way to take a stand with even the shirt on your back, you’re in the right place.  Stay Blacklisted (BLKLSTD!).


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